Line Marking New South Wales provide a vast range of professional Linemarking services throughout the entire state of NSW;

  • Specialising in WH&S and car park line marking for Industrial, Commercial and Residential premises, real estate and construction industry.
  • Arrange a time to meet you on site.
  • Available 24 hours 7 days a week to not disrupt your business activities.
  • Discuss your options with relation to product durability and cost effectiveness to you.
  • Surface sealing and colourings.
  • Residential driveway sealing and colouring (new and rejuvenation of old).
  • Anti-skid resistant.
  • Anti-slip resistant.
  • New installation of line markings.
  • Remark as per existing line markings.
  • Alterations, combination of remark and new install of line markings.
  • Line marking removals of redundant line markings.
  • Hatching.
  • Safety Areas.
  • Disabled Zones.
  • Shared Zones.
  • Lettering and numerals.
  • Stop and giveaway lines
  • Pedestrian crossing.
  • Directional arrows.
  • Icons and symbols.
  • Customised Stencils and Logos.
  • Traffic Control.
  • Single and Multi level car parks.
  • Loading docks.
  • Shopping centres.
  • Strata.
  • Schools.
  • Universities.
  • Collages.
  • Hospitals.
  • Custom stencilling (for your business name and logo).
  • Provide line marking setting out in accordance to Standards and to suit your needs.
  • Use a wide range of paint products including Water based, Solvent based, Rubber based, Preformed Thermo Plastic and Cold Applied Plastic paints.
  • The products we use can be sprayed, rolled, and applied with a gas burner, all of which are dependent on the type of product used.
  • Loading Zone Areas.
  • Reserved Parking Bays.
  • Waiting Bays.
  • Visitor Parking.
  • No Parking.
  • Speed Limit Signs.
  • Kerb Highlights with non-slip aggregate and beads for reflectivity.
  • The type of paint that we recommend is dependent on were the application is to be applied and is determined during site inspection/consultation of our FREE quotation process when we come to you and meet you on your site.
  • Grey out redundant marking is short term on concrete surfaces.
  • Blackout redundant line markings is also short term on asphalt surfaces, of which will eventually be worn due to climate and activity.
  • Grinding is required to permanently remove redundant marking from concrete surfaces.
  • Scarifiers are used to permanently remove unwanted line markings from asphalt surfaces.
  • Ghost or shadows markings may be slightly visible after the grinding or scarifying process of  hard surfaces due to the aggregate size within the hard surface.
  • General Linemarking colours are: White, Yellow, Blue, Black, Red and Green.

and much more…..

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